My Cousin Trent Jackson is starring in “Hillbilly Handfishing” Check it out on Animal Planet!!

This video has Skipper Bivins and my cousin Trent Jackson from Oklahoma. They are starring in a new Animal Planet show called “Hillbilly Handfishing”. I am proud and happy to see Trent making it big. Pretty interesting type of fishing. I haven’t tried anything quite like this. I did some swimming in the moon river to get some oysters from some oyster bars during low tide. I have also waded and cast net for shrimp, crabs and mullet. Did pretty good with that when I was down in Georgia when I was in the Army. It is a different feeling when you get down into the water with what you are trying to catch.

Go to Animal and see the trailers. Then check out the show when it air on August 7th. Good Luck cousin Trent!!