Make a choice and follow your passion

Everyone has a choice. You are never stuck in one place. You can always make another choice. It is all up to you. I have in the past (and not so far past) had the thought that “I am stuck where I am at and I can’t do anything to get out or be different.” What a bunch of crud I was feeding myself. Victim mentality all the way. I always had the choice to change anything in my life I want. I am where I am at because of my choices – plain and simple. This is the same for everyone. You are were you are at because you want to be there one way or another. Get over it. You did it. I did it. No one does it to you. You make your own choices every day. Eat on the run, get up at a certain time, think I will take the bus….so on and so forth.

So take responsibility for you life. You are making it every minute of every day. Why not make the choice of following your passion instead of just existing and reacting to your circumstance instead of taking a hold of them.

Look back over your life. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I sure it wasn’t working at a fast food restaurant. Was it working three jobs just to survive? You may have wanted to be a policeman, fireman, business owner, astronaut, movie star, writer…the list is endless. It was want you dreamed of, looked up to, read about or just liked. As we get older our likes change and we get other passions. I have been though a number of what I thought were my passions only to find they were just passing fancies. I know we all get them. You need to decide on a passion and then do what you have to in order to live it. You need to stick to it. Persistence gives you the most success.

“What is my passion” is the biggest question among those who feel something is missing. Even folks who are in their 50 and 60’s have lived their life without knowing what their passion is. That is a choice again. They choose just to let life happen to them instead of making it happen for them. You may have to invent yourself a number of times before you find out what it is that you really love. Some of it is upbringing. You use your parents as role models and follow what they have done instead of finding out what your passion is. You can’t blame your parents. It was up to you in the first place. So get over it.

To begin finding out what your passion is would be to look back over your life and think of what made you happy when your did it. I am not talking about watching movies, going to parties or making love. Those are enjoyable but not necessarily your passion. Think of what made you feel like you were on a high. What made you feel complete. You would do this for free and it is all you wanted to do or think about. So make a list. You should write down all things you loved. It doesn’t matter how long the list is – just do it. When you are done you will start to rate them from one to ten with ten being the best. Those would be the items where you will find a passion. Don’t think – can I make a living doing this? The living will come when you are doing your passion. It may come in a different form that you didn’t expect but keeps you with your passion.

Lets say you loved riding a bike. When you were riding you that made you feel complete. You may not be a competitor in riding a bike but you can be other things that keep you with your passion. You could write about bikes, open a repair shop, open a bike shop, hold biking events, become an expert and give talks and classes on how to get the most out of your bike…get the idea! Find your passion and do it and things will come to you on what you need to make a living with it.

You don’t have to be a slave to reaction to life. Take charge and live it. Start finding your passion today!