Get out and take a walk in nature

Hi all,
I just got back from a wonderful walk out in the woods. The air has a definite nip of fall and the sun was out shinning. It was a glorious day. It is good to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the life renewing energy of mother nature. It give you time to think about what is really important. Sit and watch the birds and animals as they go about their day. They don’t think about bad things that could have happened in the past. They don’t think about what things they can build or create in the future. They are living in the now. Now is really all we have. Learn from nature and how it does things. The critters don’t know it is fall. They know the weather is changing. They know by living in it day by day. They can see the supply of food is starting to diminish in abundance so they have to change what they will live on. They don’t plan it out in advance and don’t long for the days of plenty. They do what they have to now. They live in, grow in, and think in the now. They do what comes naturally. They don’t make works of art, they live in natures art, the most beautiful pallet there is. They don’t think about what they could have done to build a better nest, collected more nuts, stocked up on more stuff for the future. They are working in the now.

We should take some lessons from nature. We are only living in the now. It is our advance brain that has us worrying about things that haven’t happened or happened in the past that we can’t change. We can only change the now. We are able to react in the present to prepare things for the future. We don’t actually change the future. There is no real future. Only the now that we live in. We have total control of what we do, think, feel, create, live, and all that is us in the now. We can choose to go to a ball game. We think of the future but it hasn’t happened. We are acting in the now with thoughts of the future. What we do in the now is all there can be. It may seem like it is for the future but it is the now. Time is measured by man made devices that measure the changing of the now. They tick off intervals that they call time. It can only be one time in the now. We look at clocks, calendars and other measurement devices and call those designations the future or past. They are total imagination because all there is is now.

What my point that I am getting at is to make the most of your now. You can make it great or not great. You can choose to spend your now in pity or sadness. You can choose to spend your now in inspiration or creativity living it to the fullest. You have control of your now. You make the choices. You do the action. You can choose your emotions. You can take charge or let someone else tell you what to do. That is your choice as well. You can choose to react and play victim to the now or you can take action and make all that you do go the way you want to. Make the most of your now. You could even choose to take a nice hike into nature and soak in the beauty and wonder it gives. You can choose to soak in the now.